Monday, November 11, 2013

Faith in Eighth

10 years since the day you said
what no words could describe the way I felt.

Lot has changed since the day you spoke.
Our wants, needs and lives have forked

You may remember that day as a passing thought
or worse the day could pass without a spark

Nevertheless I present you a gift
of uncelebrated anniversaries wrapped
in glossy imbibed emotions with
glitters of accepted silences
and a tag of unwritten moments


will never be opened,heard,spoken or said


Saturday, June 22, 2013

The World is ending this Year they say
Did you hear that
It is a week and four days before
the supposedly apocalyptic date
Weak after a dull year
I pen this to be posted
so you could read this someday,
month or years after or be read
and have a laugh at the scary thought
of the sky falling and earth devouring
all living and beginnings to a cataclysmic end
What a farce all this may seem to few and you
like me who hath lost some and gained some
in a life aplomb with events
with less or no control o'er any
if it has to happen it will
right under our noses
safety, cautions and preparations
won't suffice then
Life like love has to end
naturally, as nature's ally or as nature's folly
Be sure to throw away your reasons
for not loving back anyone ever
like a slithering pebble thrown
at the face of calm still waters
that is fated to find farthest
depth to be forgotten..