Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Train to London

Train to London Bridge
Had you standing by the door
lost in your dailies
oblivious to graze of me eyes sore

that's yearning for a look,
and a smile perhaps
Look up love with the warm glow
teasing your auburn hair

your daisy printed top's folds
the somber scarf and the
insouciant looking bag
tease me for the proximity they hold

I caught those coy curves
at the corner of your eyes
and at the end of your lips..
as your pages turned

Causing me to restlessly flip pages
on the daily in my hand
in a hope to figure 
what made you smile

I know you would not believe
if I told you I heard bolero play
every time you adjust the hair behind your ears
plucking a string in my heart

It was loud enough
to make the guy next to me frown
and pull his feet from under, mine, trust me
others would have heard it too

Where is the signal that causes delays
and crowded platforms when you need them
that would otherwise hold
the train from reaching on time

So I could moor the hands of time from moving
to share the same space
with a stranger in a train to London,
by the door..