Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Belong to the tree.. no more

Wilderness take me over
bury me between the thickest
blanketed by the dews

Wilderness take me over
from the hands of maurading breeze
to the silent flotsams by the cove

Wilderness take me over
as composed Autumn's song when I
swivel float to join fellow composts..

Seeking Buddha

A picture
of million leaves
in my head
with crafted veins
shaded green.
At it's center
upon a mound,
a calm, glowing someone sits.
The imagery and the tone changes
to barks, twigs
bubbles and smoke
in all, at its center
it is that someone I seek.
In all those forms, the formless
stays, smiling slight
at my form through
his besotted sight.
There's a
path that leads
to his foot side
by the mound
now obscured
by false beliefs
and likes, I know.
My knowledge of it
is like the candle
under the Sun
So bright and yet so dark,
I don't know where to begin...