Monday, July 18, 2011

Father and Son!


I was smiled at, at last.
Shared the same moment of a
Lifeless rock that had violets grown
Between the crack, touched by
An insouciant breeze that makes
the rocks sway at the Violet's feet..


The light thrown at the pulpit
to spurt ethereal glow in to
dark smitten mausoleum called existence

He looked up into his father's eyes
and I lowered my eyes down
to catch the reflection of my father's Son
While the Time in-between sewed
this all with the moment when
I stared in to my father's eyes !

Whose Hero is he?

Home coming - A frenzy August fever
grapples all doubts to death
the joy felt, immeasurable, if not more,

fades like November's Sun

Duty calls and this time far,
away from August's pruning & desperate faces
Him, a Wasp caught in tarantula's spell

Yearnings eclipse the day
Noiseless cries mark the night
The distance, it chokes them Lovers throat.

(a letter arrives at the door step..finally..)
The separation has done its trick
Days on calendar hung on the far white wall flutters
From it slithers promises... white lies.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Summon the clouds!

I slept to wake up in the far Orient
and when she did, the Great Walls gave in
to the silent Thames.

We summon the clouds
gray and dark
to speak of things
closer to heart

I kept wishing my nights away
while she strangled her somber days

Time desisted to move faster
staring at her face endlessly

And I stayed religiously hoping
the door knob would soon creek
at the sound of her keys!!

To K - the substance inside me!