Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Ochres and crimsons filled
the courtyard noiselessly
while my steps rustle the fallen
I eavesdropped on the
ruffian looking barks
that seldom sway
to monstrous breeze
they appeared confronting
and miffed of a stranger's visit
A snake like path made
of porcelain shards
walked me to a brick wall that is long wedded
to a passage beside
I kept staring at
my ambulating foot
all the way while the mind
kept reeling emotions of a different kind
I looked up expecting you at the other end
So I could run half-way and
you complete it by running into my folded arms

But a fallen ochre-crimson
in the hands of a zephyr hits my face
fluttering between my eyes and lips
before being dragged into the winds play
I sigh, with hands against the hip
and lips half bit I look up,
swearing at the non-existent gods
like spat coming back at you
droplets of rain hit and dribbles down my face
the earth beneath my feet quaffs it
Somewhere in the constant pitter-patter
and curtain of beads of water
comes a steady growing sound of a sandal,
so yours, sloshing,
making little ripples and rivulets
reaching for my heart quicker
making my eyes grow big
And I stand there consumed
by the seconds of
the culmination of my wait!