Friday, November 17, 2006


Speckle of dust
caught in a
bubble of dream,
awaits resurrection
from within its
iridescent orb that
floats in a
school of bubbles
that holds a
speck each

Bubbles snap for two
as they run into each other
making the vertex
violet for a sec and
dissolutes without noise,
revealing him to her
and her to him,
under new light
they levitate close
but not closer

Him lost, at the sight
of her, who
stares like a child
that just lost a balloon,
with pouted lips,
trying to smile
and a face that's
half naked
between her
disheveled tousle.

not lost,
but gauging
by the lines
of smile that
ran forth from corner
of his eyes
like a child
that found
the lost candy

moment for a moment
shared between unfettered specks
and before they could
exchange another..
bubbles envelope
steering each, to its own
..but with traces of
his blue on to hers
and her pink on to his
bubble as they drift...

Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Rain drenched road
where I last left you
with a quick peck,
the cobblestone
streets that echoed,
that vanishes
into the muddy streets
of malachite green meadow,
is same no more.

Its raining now
where I had left you last..
Meadows fragrance
rob me off your smell.
Yonder beyond that
stole images I held.
Only stones echo pitter-patter of rain
like the peck I left on your cheek, once,
that's more..