Tuesday, October 31, 2006

On grass..

Intrusions of silver dust
enters my night gazing eyes.
Between her and I
flows blankets of
formless zephyrs
into the dark space,
swiftly touching
a million of spineless blades in
an open dark barley field.
Somewhere in the corner
of her eyes I see a rain cloud
moving with gray matters
of the moonless sky, atone.

I try to hold, who is not there
she reaches, when am not near

Between shores of
existent and non-existent souls
and their wonderwalls,

night smiles as it passes by.

So my young love, tickled pink, beside..

Saturday, October 28, 2006


Random spirit
sketching fate
of my verses
has slept..

this light's absence
from waxless candle
instigates acrid smell

like a corpse
in search of
personal ghost

I wander,hither and thither
with arcane lamp but
in dark my self

In search of a soft glow
away from neon gods
and lachrymose faces

To pen a verse
oh just a verse to be death
of my dead verses..