Monday, July 24, 2006

Half buried mannequin.

Life around bores
beyond human cognition.
Showers are yesterday's and
Spring feasts are long gone
drawing in its place, an ochre sun

Pit had dried up from a squashy
wet blanket to wet patch on a clay urn..

Squeezing me to the frugal space
between the cracks of a parched land

Speculating descent of an acid rain,
to feel her tongue on mine, decolor
to let her wither me back to mud
or I shall, at the hands of
another winter..

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Jack of Club

I have..
  left you indulge in me
In a shuffled & predictable pack,
   as jack of clubs
and queen of spades.
   misplaced and caught
in odd set of games
   with bad poker hands
your entry, exit & wordplay
   cleave me to pieces
like a serrated knife
   hmmm irony it is
even if I play
   King of dice
and you,
   the queen of (someone’s) heart..