Monday, March 27, 2006


Past crumbles.

Present morphs

'twixt lexica of questions and exclamations
In a constant flux of becoming,

From nothing
To nothing

Mock at another
half made history


His-story about her
as narrated in her-story

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Minerva and the Muses

Join me for an walk
in the clouds 'bove the faience
horizon meeting blue hued sea.
Let's measure the walks precariously,
listen to bagatelle whispered
amongst the looming clouds.

Lets grant each other a wish

I'd let you pinch a purpled cloud
and let you pussyfoot in its
torrential cry.
You - you let
loose, that heart in your
grip and kiss it to salvation
In 'tis evening walk of
cobwebbed fingers, along
the fringes of celestial


stand by me as my constant Muse

Wednesday, March 15, 2006



We haven't
left one another
we haven't
lived it as determined
we forsake
change for better
stay in
a relation
as we are
but as something
not defined


Along the
corridor of
tattered heart
trudge along
and reach
mad man's
there amongst
the rubbles
of sliced
silences and
questions pick
out all
that concerns you
Whence done,
prefer to leave
than sticking around
There, I find all
garbage gone even
the stench & stains,
I hide behind..

Friday, March 10, 2006


Men with vision
Restricted to
Dangling breasts
And orbs of flesh

Women courting
Beyond moral rhythms,
Living a life gauging
Carrots and carets

Anonymous parents
As seed's faucets
Instills anonymity
On nascent faces

Faking and masking.
Lies and truth likes
Animals and Neanderthals
From genesis, to back..

Thriving towards
A Gross extinction -
Of better men
Of better women

Spout on creator - blame him
For prime's need
Be satisfied for a brief moment
In your innate animal instincts..

Shame on you..

This post is dedicated to Blank Noise Project".

Against attrocities, abuses or harresment of any kind. Be it against women, men or children.

If you are someone who is driven more by the flesh than by conscience, the Animal is ashamed

Thanks to that friend who shared info & views about this project.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

'ely 'ed

Life - Wrongly Interpreted
Love - Recklessly Interrupted
Questions - Perenially instigated
Answers - Ignominiously adulterated
Thoughts - Irksomely amalgamated..

And so the list goes
Adhering to causation
All in cymbals of "I"..

You could associate
Or worse abnegate,
Or equally insane as I..

Disclaimer: This is not "Illiad" in nutshell. Jus filling up space..