Tuesday, February 28, 2006


carried by
the tempest
of your thoughts
and reach you to be
Slaved.      Slayed.
I speak no further
or show grimace
whip me with
words tease
and torture
I am your
bitch and

Wednesday, February 22, 2006


Stars fade
 from my empyrean realm
fantasies escape
 my begotten dream
leaving me, as a last breath
 never to return anytime soon.
I treat myself to solitude
 with Monet’s and murals around
looking burlesque and bleak
 what has left or who?
I do not know
 gouts of blood and
smear I see
 in my reflection
with traces of apoplexy
 preparing me, to stage
in one of the most
 vexatious soliloquies..

p.s: Inspired by an art work done by my brother.
Original work is named Soliloquy.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006


Let the southern wind
 softly blow
running mild
 across midlands
reminding me of
 simple touch
and insouciant whispers
 keep them open,
the windows & doors
 let the southern wind
softly blow..

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Gathering Clouds II

Gathering slow
  in the misty skies
beneath the folds
  of her clouded kirtle
gobbling down
  the iridescent bow
and the orbed-Sun
  making it dark
before dusk
  propositioned to foreplay
with frugal orgasms
  yet again, drenching
vertices & thickets
  In her whimsical pour
while appearing to
  have touched at
horizon, but,
  climaxed without touching
at all..

Monday, February 06, 2006

Gathering clouds I

One way ticket..

I killed it
as you wanted me to
murdered some fears
maraud in search for some.
simple verses,
the life of me and
The complex, curses
me to death.
how long is this
Black some. Gray some
It all ends here
As It all ends now
with a fortuitous climax
of shadows tied to
rail track of
a ghostly train
to hell, with it,
all innate
fears & hidden lives


Try hard to hide,
pretty Magnolia, but passions never hide
speaking heart not an ignominy
Exposed, never a parody
A gentle soul you are
that seeks no more than unbridled love
So you'll find
or better have already, waiting at your doorsteps like an unsullied Dove..
Wings of desire, Isn't the Icarus kind.
Fall, we would, but be redeemed


In your sly smile
I see captivating glory of Tamburlaine,
wondering what you could've captured possibly?
sinking slowly in the ocular quagmire of your countenance
Glistening pearldrops by those eyes
And Gothic arches by those lips.
thoughts about self seems
trifled but an image
appeared, and there
I was, caught & captured
in the cobweb of
your impeccable