Friday, November 17, 2006


Speckle of dust
caught in a
bubble of dream,
awaits resurrection
from within its
iridescent orb that
floats in a
school of bubbles
that holds a
speck each

Bubbles snap for two
as they run into each other
making the vertex
violet for a sec and
dissolutes without noise,
revealing him to her
and her to him,
under new light
they levitate close
but not closer

Him lost, at the sight
of her, who
stares like a child
that just lost a balloon,
with pouted lips,
trying to smile
and a face that's
half naked
between her
disheveled tousle.

not lost,
but gauging
by the lines
of smile that
ran forth from corner
of his eyes
like a child
that found
the lost candy

moment for a moment
shared between unfettered specks
and before they could
exchange another..
bubbles envelope
steering each, to its own
..but with traces of
his blue on to hers
and her pink on to his
bubble as they drift...

Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Rain drenched road
where I last left you
with a quick peck,
the cobblestone
streets that echoed,
that vanishes
into the muddy streets
of malachite green meadow,
is same no more.

Its raining now
where I had left you last..
Meadows fragrance
rob me off your smell.
Yonder beyond that
stole images I held.
Only stones echo pitter-patter of rain
like the peck I left on your cheek, once,
that's more..

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

On grass..

Intrusions of silver dust
enters my night gazing eyes.
Between her and I
flows blankets of
formless zephyrs
into the dark space,
swiftly touching
a million of spineless blades in
an open dark barley field.
Somewhere in the corner
of her eyes I see a rain cloud
moving with gray matters
of the moonless sky, atone.

I try to hold, who is not there
she reaches, when am not near

Between shores of
existent and non-existent souls
and their wonderwalls,

night smiles as it passes by.

So my young love, tickled pink, beside..

Saturday, October 28, 2006


Random spirit
sketching fate
of my verses
has slept..

this light's absence
from waxless candle
instigates acrid smell

like a corpse
in search of
personal ghost

I wander,hither and thither
with arcane lamp but
in dark my self

In search of a soft glow
away from neon gods
and lachrymose faces

To pen a verse
oh just a verse to be death
of my dead verses..

Tuesday, August 01, 2006


A silent visitor
from the far west
orange county
in the sanctuary of
mind space bloom &
morbid thorns
that has spread
like a motif of
mirrored patterns
in the recess of my mind.
I know not
what you sought
but glad you trod back
often from west shores
and paddle back silently
in a phantom yacht..

Monday, July 24, 2006

Half buried mannequin.

Life around bores
beyond human cognition.
Showers are yesterday's and
Spring feasts are long gone
drawing in its place, an ochre sun

Pit had dried up from a squashy
wet blanket to wet patch on a clay urn..

Squeezing me to the frugal space
between the cracks of a parched land

Speculating descent of an acid rain,
to feel her tongue on mine, decolor
to let her wither me back to mud
or I shall, at the hands of
another winter..

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Jack of Club

I have..
  left you indulge in me
In a shuffled & predictable pack,
   as jack of clubs
and queen of spades.
   misplaced and caught
in odd set of games
   with bad poker hands
your entry, exit & wordplay
   cleave me to pieces
like a serrated knife
   hmmm irony it is
even if I play
   King of dice
and you,
   the queen of (someone’s) heart..

Sunday, June 18, 2006


Sun of the Straws

This time I let you write an apt verse...

Place : Old Harbor, Antwerp, Belgium

Wednesday, June 14, 2006


An attempt to revive a long lost mode of expression. These work however good or bad is dedicated to my favorite artist, brother, student & teacher..


Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Silhouette of a
   lone leaping antelope
across the moon
   between the banks
of pine trees

In an empyrean
   realm twixt liquid
reflections of a glowing
   orb and silver
dusted skies

Neither a night's dream
Nor a thought stream,   
But a fantasy ridden scape
I stand before and stare into   
as we speak

Fate wills, I live a different world
of plastic smiles and spastic reality   
outside my penance,
away from your eyes   
Something..I seldom wish.. to seek.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Coversations with Spring..

Friday night at a friend's
  for moonlight, scotch and
ravenous need for old boy's talk
  last one to peg was
the first one to fall..

Maturing weekend, a Saturday's dawn
  from the sheath of hang over &
boyish hood I start
  brisk short walk across the park
teasing breeze, mild morning, virgin it is

Feigned park's appearance &
  hunch-back trunks tell tales of
Zephyr of the twilight hour
  and its path, now mine, towards
the shell white garden bowl

That's filled with
  liquid green, smelly moss & amber browns
I stand there, by the fills that ebb
  perturbed, beyond the rims
of the bowl and my heart

Morning await
  benign pours
from the dark looming
  cotton clouds on an ageing
spring day at a hour past four

I shun purposes, of my walk,
  of reaching home
In a transcendence hang-over
  instigated by the purity around
and dirge hum of the trees

Gaelic tunes of a northward gale
  enter souls that, encircle the bowl
With hands spread and crucified to the
  priest like flow that, leaves as tears
from behind smoke-blue eyes..

Written last Saturday around 7.a.m after I reached home. Park that I pass through to reach my house is my Muse. There are times when I jus murmur verses to myself and never make effort to recollect and write it down. But this time I did not take much effort to put it down..the whole experience was so fluid and it came pouring. I was bit glad to find there were few other souls that seek such silent quarters and serene mornings..

Though I had my cam I did not bother to click it..It was early morning and I was lazy ..hope you'd understand..:)


Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Quartuor Muros

for vnthi

Candelabrum of thoughts
 inside four walls
of mausoleum
 spews light
lighting dark yester
Innate questions
 gyrate inside
censuring sorts and likes.

 Who are you?
 Who am I?

Then gone as dispersing soot

Ebony forms consuming
Darkness by night

 Yes, that’s what we are.
That’s what we are!!
 Is that what we are?

Doubts, oodles of them
 orchestrate in unison
keeping me captive;
 Lost myself to defining
and defying truth, standing
 At a vortex's mouth
expecting another free fall
 all inside medieval astylar


Within my four walls.

Art work courtesy my bro. He captures the essence like no other..thanks broah

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Mute Boat

Spring's trip to a placid tarn
invading through thickets and orchids
reaching the mouth, b'yond barnacles
we row towards the silent quarter.

Eyes locked, lips latched and imbibing emotion.
In a wind's drift repressed senses and feelings reveal.

An outbreak of tender coyness and sly smile starts to show
on the erstwhile inanimate faces.

At the midst, we seize to oar pausing for breath on a sublime
evening and curse and yearn inside, wishing the other should talk.

The lake and life among the thickets seem to whisper
respecting new, an outset.
Steady but impatient ripples slap at my prow gently
as if nudging me to speak up.
Decelerating hull rocks, waking us from nonchalant selves.
Air around is viscous than the swamp we duck o’er.
In this unbearable tension, the Sun of the mackerel sky
too hides between the wings of Finches and Canaries.

Like an oust eroding tranquil minds, she placed
her hand on my lap, leaning towards a then
emptied soul.

Chirps, noises, flutters & flusters

Birth of bedlam on the laps of nature
Avowing a touch to be the verse of
million words simply said
and understood.

Monday, April 03, 2006


and then me
trudge away from
one another.

a different threshold,
a different realm..

of separation
crawls from inside
in the form of
an eternal

now we are
to each other..

..Esoteric. Estranged..
Riddled and ridiculed.

Ab absurdo. Ad absurdum

Like a disowned corpse shell
In the womb of all voids
Forming the most
incongruent trivalents

Me. Thought. I.

Monday, March 27, 2006


Past crumbles.

Present morphs

'twixt lexica of questions and exclamations
In a constant flux of becoming,

From nothing
To nothing

Mock at another
half made history


His-story about her
as narrated in her-story

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Minerva and the Muses

Join me for an walk
in the clouds 'bove the faience
horizon meeting blue hued sea.
Let's measure the walks precariously,
listen to bagatelle whispered
amongst the looming clouds.

Lets grant each other a wish

I'd let you pinch a purpled cloud
and let you pussyfoot in its
torrential cry.
You - you let
loose, that heart in your
grip and kiss it to salvation
In 'tis evening walk of
cobwebbed fingers, along
the fringes of celestial


stand by me as my constant Muse

Wednesday, March 15, 2006



We haven't
left one another
we haven't
lived it as determined
we forsake
change for better
stay in
a relation
as we are
but as something
not defined


Along the
corridor of
tattered heart
trudge along
and reach
mad man's
there amongst
the rubbles
of sliced
silences and
questions pick
out all
that concerns you
Whence done,
prefer to leave
than sticking around
There, I find all
garbage gone even
the stench & stains,
I hide behind..

Friday, March 10, 2006


Men with vision
Restricted to
Dangling breasts
And orbs of flesh

Women courting
Beyond moral rhythms,
Living a life gauging
Carrots and carets

Anonymous parents
As seed's faucets
Instills anonymity
On nascent faces

Faking and masking.
Lies and truth likes
Animals and Neanderthals
From genesis, to back..

Thriving towards
A Gross extinction -
Of better men
Of better women

Spout on creator - blame him
For prime's need
Be satisfied for a brief moment
In your innate animal instincts..

Shame on you..

This post is dedicated to Blank Noise Project".

Against attrocities, abuses or harresment of any kind. Be it against women, men or children.

If you are someone who is driven more by the flesh than by conscience, the Animal is ashamed

Thanks to that friend who shared info & views about this project.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

'ely 'ed

Life - Wrongly Interpreted
Love - Recklessly Interrupted
Questions - Perenially instigated
Answers - Ignominiously adulterated
Thoughts - Irksomely amalgamated..

And so the list goes
Adhering to causation
All in cymbals of "I"..

You could associate
Or worse abnegate,
Or equally insane as I..

Disclaimer: This is not "Illiad" in nutshell. Jus filling up space..

Tuesday, February 28, 2006


carried by
the tempest
of your thoughts
and reach you to be
Slaved.      Slayed.
I speak no further
or show grimace
whip me with
words tease
and torture
I am your
bitch and

Wednesday, February 22, 2006


Stars fade
 from my empyrean realm
fantasies escape
 my begotten dream
leaving me, as a last breath
 never to return anytime soon.
I treat myself to solitude
 with Monet’s and murals around
looking burlesque and bleak
 what has left or who?
I do not know
 gouts of blood and
smear I see
 in my reflection
with traces of apoplexy
 preparing me, to stage
in one of the most
 vexatious soliloquies..

p.s: Inspired by an art work done by my brother.
Original work is named Soliloquy.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006


Let the southern wind
 softly blow
running mild
 across midlands
reminding me of
 simple touch
and insouciant whispers
 keep them open,
the windows & doors
 let the southern wind
softly blow..

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Gathering Clouds II

Gathering slow
  in the misty skies
beneath the folds
  of her clouded kirtle
gobbling down
  the iridescent bow
and the orbed-Sun
  making it dark
before dusk
  propositioned to foreplay
with frugal orgasms
  yet again, drenching
vertices & thickets
  In her whimsical pour
while appearing to
  have touched at
horizon, but,
  climaxed without touching
at all..

Monday, February 06, 2006

Gathering clouds I

One way ticket..

I killed it
as you wanted me to
murdered some fears
maraud in search for some.
simple verses,
the life of me and
The complex, curses
me to death.
how long is this
Black some. Gray some
It all ends here
As It all ends now
with a fortuitous climax
of shadows tied to
rail track of
a ghostly train
to hell, with it,
all innate
fears & hidden lives


Try hard to hide,
pretty Magnolia, but passions never hide
speaking heart not an ignominy
Exposed, never a parody
A gentle soul you are
that seeks no more than unbridled love
So you'll find
or better have already, waiting at your doorsteps like an unsullied Dove..
Wings of desire, Isn't the Icarus kind.
Fall, we would, but be redeemed


In your sly smile
I see captivating glory of Tamburlaine,
wondering what you could've captured possibly?
sinking slowly in the ocular quagmire of your countenance
Glistening pearldrops by those eyes
And Gothic arches by those lips.
thoughts about self seems
trifled but an image
appeared, and there
I was, caught & captured
in the cobweb of
your impeccable

Saturday, January 21, 2006



Sorrows, preamble to tears
  Serum sieves through the wounds
Would morph to stigmata and then heal
  "It bled for you", she said
Yes, for the pound of flesh, beholds
  Is not hers but mine instead..
I would resurrect her love
   Like pleasures of whimsical rain
Carry her along, while she follows
   Like twig less leaf in untamed wind
certainly appears aggrandized
   But ask her to dream jus once more tonight
For last of incubus she'd see
   By the dawn she's gone, in my arms, with me..


Her wings would not spread
   words fail and thoughts obfuscate
she's stalled, in search of the wound
   from where she bled..
Her silent moans and tearless cries
   aren't whispers to be missed
I could sense her palpitation
   despite her stoic calm
and see through her pain
   here, offer mine, for it has dried-up,
to damask of scars & stains
   I'll take her heart, as her, myself
heal 'em all, each by each
   with nothing less than
wet quivering kiss...

~Cura te Ipsum~

P.s:In an attempt to heal someone's wounds, someone who is very dear and a good soul :)

Thursday, January 19, 2006


Another attempt
 to express this through
a wayward scribble
 that expects nothing more than
a smile, hug and kiss
 this is not a rambling
from puerile days
 neither is this
an embellishment with words
 had seen and read how
people talk about theirs
 So why not I about,
my eternal river,
 Origin, flesh and life
cannot praise you in phrases
 for no word deems worthy
no language so complete
 Diligent you are
when you listen to me
 A grin, when I lie
And stare for, truth, I often time speak
 But as always I'd make
another wish, that
 I keep wishing for
but may never get..
 bless me with a sleep
and a dream that’s solemnly true
 each to each subtly painted
with different hues
 Concoct melodies &
sing me a lullaby
 mellifluous lute
bring me back the cradle sleep
 rip off, along the seam of knowledge
make me naive, make me ignorant
 of corporeal existence
O' gate-way devour me back
 back to the source, as a seed..

   Ma, Amritha

Essence of my life

Friday, January 13, 2006


One Sabbatical Sunday..
  Meandering in the park
Reaching rubbles of clock tower
  I seat myself on its steps
Cold January evening, unusually cold
  Robbing me of my heat
I care less, as chill enters, uninvited
  I watch thoughts linger around
Everywhere in the park
  In all dark corners
Carefully picking
  Those that belong to me
I knit them to a kirtle
  Watching the Sun go down
The vermillion sky
  And the crawling infant darkness
I continue in my muse
  Under full phosphorescent moon
Park brims up
  With swarm of flies
Under the strobe light
  of luminous poles
I fumble on thoughts still
  Each by each
With every breath
  Am not the same now
with blood churning out cold
  Hairs raise on the back and
ears alongside the head
  revealing beast in, beast out
Masquerading along the dusk
  Acting human, near a half frozen tarn..


  the call of the therian

Tuesday, January 03, 2006


She burns, I emulate similar lust
  we stay seperated
clouds of new year
  slither over one another
slow, slow she likes, as I
  she simulates
testing preseverance
  puerile and jejune
instincts die
  but physically reveals
fog clears, real slow,
  she gasps, her adultry surfaces,
with barren lands, leaving colossal skies
  glory of bewitching sun..