Monday, November 21, 2005


Clutches weaken
  Under my hold
Bodies glued
  In growing grip
Lips invade
  Seeking each other's
Killing proximities
  As they court .
Souls evade
  From present
To the sanctuary of silence
  How would I
Speak of this
  Succulent pleasure
And its taste
  If we continue
To suck life
  From each others
Lips and eyes..
  Breath escapes
Sighing petals
  And enters mine
Filling me as we pause
  Taking it in
I stare, at the slow
Somnolent looking eyes,
  Crescent too reveals
From under haze,
  And us,
As under,
  Holding still..
Consider not leaving
  This, as providence
he continues
  Architecting my demise.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Kill that mocking dream..

Night spawns
 A thousand thoughts
Each paired
 With a million dreams
In every eyes
 Behind crimson curtains
In the last
 Thousand one
And tonight..

Just dreams
 Yes, just dreams
A travesty
 Staged a million times,
Of it, as we speak
 In Neverland
We are, you said
 While its no more
Than the Atlantis.

White lies, white dreams
 A malady
And nothing more
 Am tired chasing it,
Aren’t you?
We wake up to realize
 Or worst
Pass out in sleep...

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Under the Joshua..

Seeds from sieves
  Of a pensive mind
Holds each a
  Joshua tree

One by one it
  Grows to bloom
Smell of which would
  Fill 'tis sanctuary soon

Alongside, in its shade,
  I see her perch, upon
Some blossoms that’s withered,
  Wide and spread

Adorned not in lavish taste
  But in pristine pure,
Milky white
  Gossamer lace

And there she waits
  With a little grin
In an unruffled posture
  Supporting, her chin

Answers, for many
  Only she could give
To ward off, many of
  My begotten grieves

Scathed by glow
  I trod along the swath to reach
That Joshua, emblazoned,
  Amidst others at night

Reaching her, with
  Shadows falling behind
Bourbon eyes, succulent lips and with what not
  she continues to allure this mind

Eons may have passed
  In this gap or so I feel
Cursing the proximity between
  longing to get close

Some sound of petals crack
  Or so she spake..
Her lips, her eyes and even
  Things around her spoke..

Staring at misted lotus feet
  On my knees, feeling
Shackles of silence around
  Diligently break free..

Ahhh, such is
  Emancipation, I need
Such is dream I long
  Could be real

Well.. the sun is back
  Where it started
And myself,where I lay,
  under this tree..

Rambling inspired by an 'image' from a friend's blog....

Monday, November 07, 2005

Love me less, hate me more..

Sum of all fears
 crawl over
gurgling noises
 from inside heard.
palpitation sets in
 and sweats out.
I think uncanny
 and speak weird.
fingers tremble
 and knees shiver.
vision escapes
 and the blur appears.
nustling sounds
 echoed hollow
words leave &
 senses deceive
appearing stark naked
 before all eyes
when best dressed
 In simple sinful touch
am estranged to myself.
 And you,
You continue to coddle
 while I asphyxiate inside
this orb of death...

Typos corrected and tweaked as suggested by a dear friend, thanks many for her service to proof read it free of charge ;)- Φ

Wednesday, November 02, 2005


...And she urges me to write another
    forcing me out of sleep
nascent from dreams
    I scribble in hope,
perchance to make them real
    And with such nonchalance
I bury them
    soon before she puts
me back to sleep....

These eyes might someday
    will never open
And you may find
    this half writ piece,
to be read out in a soiree
    before a night's sleep
But enchantedly be kept awake,
    thinking about it
until she

..puts you too back to sleep..