Wednesday, October 26, 2005


Transforming forms
 and translucent shapes
from within
 these crystal orbs seen
Colors foray inside and into
 the walls of this sphere
In array and disarray
 pictures flow,
but in silence
 Inside this church of images,
the temple of sight.
 Staring too long, too deep
Compelling noises inside
 the empty alabaster
to frozen still
 I enter these eyes,
Behind the fluttering
 Venetian blinds..

Thursday, October 20, 2005


Along the isles of Corsica,
  and in the sands
of Marseille and Nice
  I wander,
Inside a pristine dream
  Bacchanalian feasts,
a grandeur,
  of wine, of women
Fellow troubadours greet
  and continue their way
Reaching a saline quarter
  I seat my self upon
one of the many
  silences afloat
and think..
  The waves continue to ebb
Froths swell, bubble
  and burst
Whilst I scribble
  An ode, a sonnet
and a couplet verse
  imbecile contempt
sets in on what's been writ
  A head left ajar
to panthom thoughts
  washed ashore
Nothings strikes
  an inspiration..
Am marooned, I said
  under bleak luminated cresent
and bewitching
  mermaid beside...

Tuesday, October 11, 2005


Gleaming morning light
  creeps through drapes
to tickle, waking us
  from embracing
the slumber..
  In the moistened wrap
with cheeks glued
  and jousted waists,
we stare...
  Arched back
of frail leaves
  encumbered by
the morning dews
  And Fall, he continues
To paint her red
  Leaving her lacerated
here and there
  An amorous
morning scene
  that grows steady
reflecting streaks of
  glistening chrysalis
In your eyes, the besotted,
  and home of my dreams..

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Autumnal Catharsis

Symbion associations
 of entangled bodies
and not of hearts
 Orbs of flesh
float around
 incising thoughts inside
exodus of emotions,
 finding their way
out as tears
 as it too would taste less saline
amidst reaching my temples
 As I lay drenched
with dilated eyes
 in the once vermillion
painted yard
 Now, the home of
virginal winter rain....