Tuesday, September 13, 2005


Sonance of silence
 devour you whole
inside catacomb of
 pungent sarcophaguses
An Ornated auburn seat,
 a posthumous throne.

Amidst unsettling dust
 of the cold damp tomb
That narrates
 Tale of once lived
pains endured
 and nemesis borne.

Under a tepid
 retreating light
eurythmy of sculpt
 as shadows seen..
While I, amongst elysian
 phantoms and kinsmen lie.

Sans regrets
 of mournful yores
embracing a perfect
 state of numbness
during life
 and after death alike..

Thursday, September 08, 2005


Uttering verses
 making sketches &
dwelling inside dreams,
 she allures
 from depths of
my diabolic self.
hidden inside hues
 she reveals
 as red, as blue
as mist, as autumn dew
 certain warmth
to a weary seeker
In his besotted eyes
 trepidity crawls
as he sleep-walk
of tremulous breeze
 whilst dreams rehash
even outside his sleep...