Monday, August 22, 2005

Stashed Sfumato

Drying, dripping tip..
  in moments
mastery revealed

  The formless
and spaces
  by strokes enliven

Plasters peel
  pastels blend
to revel the birth

  With such panache
framed, loved
  teased and adored

  (.. now.. )

Drying slow, dying slow
  stale smelling canvas
In your living room wall

  Amongst reals
wishes to usurp
  your escaping vision

for rework, a rebirth
  refusing to endup
as another sfumato in stash.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

~..Sea of Whisper..~

Azure shells
 Blossoms and barnacles
Seek refugee in these salt
 Laden shores

In a beach far from this
 A stone grave,
The home of the soulless
 And cataphor..

Sables seen
 And requiem spread
Prayers from within
 White soutane heard

Among the froth
 And many others
That came afloat,
  a whisper

That sailed, silent
 Mid seas and
Bedlam shores; in
 Every salt and in every sand


Reaching me, beyond 'em
 The mirthless souls,
By the second and rests.
 Arresting me, here, forever deep..

I lay here listening,
 And a smile escaping my face
Unburdened by tomb
 Am buried beneath.... the Soulless..thanks..